Bushwick Brooklyn!

    Where all the kids are doin it!!




  2. An awesome review of the EP!

  3. thesilentbarn:

    Borts Minorts live @ the Silent Barn (03/25/14)
    photo by: @anujpan

  4. The NYC Borts Line Up!

    Tim Panic - Drums * Lord Lutestreicher - Guitar * Ball Ball Minorts - Synth * Borts - Ski and Vocals!




  6. Our show Saturday got picked as #4 thing to do this weekend!


    They said I was “clearly insane”.  HA!


  8. Saturday February 22nd at 8PM

    Panoply Performance Lab
    104 Meserole St
    Brooklyn, NY

    a performance called THE MINORCHESTRA SOUND TRACKER!!

    It will be an improvisational musical performance by a rather large Minorchestra with lots different instruments completely conducted by my improvisational movement. The simple rules are that the musical tempo is dictated by the speed of my movement. Also, the volume will be determined by how low to the floor I am and how much air I have going. The higher the air I get, the louder. The more chaotic the movement, the more chaotic the sound will be! When I stop the music stops. When I move the music moves with me. I will also have my wireless mic on so I can use my voice as an instrument to join in with the Minorchestra at certain times. There will be no rehearsal. We’re just going to go for it! 

    So come experience the MINORCHESTRA SOUND TRACKER!!
    It is going to be wild!!



  9. Take a listen to some tracks from the new album!

  10. Hi Everyone!

    Wanted to share the art work for my upcoming EP “I WANT TO LIVE” It’s an original painting by Zara Kand. I’m honored that she painted the album cover and couldn’t be happier with it. Every time I look at it I start to laugh!

    So right now I’m saving to try and get mastering done. Then I will release it online while trying to press a small number of vinyl or ultimately find a small label that could help me do it. Any suggestions on labels that might like it, please message me!

    Just wanted to share this and say hello and I’m aliv. HELLO! :)

    I’ve been hard at work getting together my all live for the very first time version of Borts with a live drummer. We’re up to 6 songs now. Won’t be too much longer. The band is sounding insane and bad ass! Still looking for a brass or wind instrument if you play one! Give me a shout if you’re in NYC and interested! XO!