1. This was such a diverse and action packed week for Borts Minorts! Let me breakdown the festivities that went down…

    Wednesday Night at Bizarre Bar in Bushwick I provided a live soundtrack for amazing performance art group WILD TORVS!

    Thursday Night I played drums for one of my all time favorite band Little Band of Sailors in Jersey City! I’ve been playing with these guys on drums lately and it looks like there will be a lot more good times to come!

    Friday night I played a solo show at a SUPER fun party basement called The Rad Pad with a bunch of great bands! It was a Virgo party and boy can those virgoids party! It was so refreshing to play to a packed house of raging, wild enthusiastic peoples! 

    What a dream Borts Week!!!

    (Photos top to bottom - TOP - Borts with Wild Torvs, Middle Borts drumming with Little Band of Sailors and bottom Borts and crotch at Rad Pad…THX LAUREN DARLING for the pic!)

  2. Sometimes I make an appearance singing with crazy ass super bad ass Free Jazz Death Metal band Eighty Pound Pug! This was from a couple weeks ago at Cake Shop doing a Stooges Cover! What a blast! Love these guys!

  3. Rockin the Passenger Bar as the Borts Power duo with my assistant, The Wizard of West END on Violin!  Thanks Eric Altesleben for the pic!

  4. Had a blast at The Cake Shop!! Photo by Lys Guillorn

  5. Taken from the last Cake Shop show by Karen Nourse! In this photo I’m telling you to come to the next show in the future which happens to be this Thursday! :)

  6. Hey Friends! I’m playing this Thursday at Cake Shop in the Lower East Side!!

    I’m going to have a full Minorchestra with me! Here’s a shot by Alex Lozupone from the last time I played there. Hope you can come!

  7. I did this insane improvisational performance with this awesome band called 80 Pound Pug! Super fun! 

  8. Had fun playing House of Screwball’s Bohemian Grove!


    Bushwick Brooklyn!

    Where all the kids are doin it!!




  10. An awesome review of the EP!